Save Time With Personalized Accounting Software Support for Your Business From RMS Accounting.

Running your business is time-consuming, and doing all the paperwork manually is tedious at best. Not to mention working with sub-standard accounting software can take lots of valuable time to learn. You cannot afford to gamble with your livelihood! At Royale Management Services, we offer support for two of the top business accounting software programs available.

If your business does not already have QuickBooks or Peachtree, or if you are using other accounting software and would like to change; we can install QuickBooks or Peachtree on your system and have you up and running in no time! Unlike other popular software, QuickBooks and Peachtree do not lock you into expensive annual maintenance updates. RMS Accounting knows how to help you run your business efficiently, and has the accounting and tax knowledge to provide you complete business support, that will save you accounting fees and taxes. We will do more than just install your software, we will be there for you. We will help you get the most out of your software investment. We have helped many businesses install and run QuickBooks software, and even more importantly we continue to support these businesses long after the installation has been completed.


Peachtree Accounting software offers you the ease and affordability of managing your own books! Put Peachtree to use fast with easy start-up! – No matter how you work, cash or accrual based accounting, Peachtree is ready. And getting started is easy! Exclusive sales orders – The Peachtree Complete Sales Order feature gives you everything you need to handle backorders and drop shipments. Job costing gives you the nitty gritty – You can analyze your expenses, revenue, and profitability for each job by phase and cost code, allowing you to more effectively control cost. Purchase Orders that work in the real world – Now it’s simple to go from purchase order to actual purchase. Fixed assets makes it easy to comply – Peachtree Complete accurately calculates the depreciation for tax and financial reporting purposes. Payroll provides everything you need to pay your employees and file your payroll taxes, quickly and correctly! Network ready!!

QuickBooks & QuickBooks Pro make bookkeeping easy for small business owners:

  • Speeds invoicing
  • Remembers customers, products, and services
  • Calculates sales tax for you
  • Prepares you for tax time
  • Tracks records for income, payroll, and sales tax
  • Payroll in minutes
  • Calculates payroll earnings and deductions
  • Prints payroll voucher checks
  • Prints 940 and 941 forms; prints on W-2 and W-3 forms
  • Tax tables available through paid subscription
  • Tracks checking accounts
  • Updates and reconciles balances instantly
  • Writes and prints checks
  • New! Sorts registers five ways
  • Tracks who owes you money
  • Automatically tracks each invoice until paid
  • Handles cash and credit sales
  • Calculates finance charges on overdue invoices
  • Shows what you owe
  • Shows how much you owe
  • Calculates vendor discounts
  • Prints on 1099-MISC forms
  • Tracks inventory and POs
  • Shows you what’s on hand and what’s on order
  • Inventory reports include stock status, open POs, and valuation .